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Located on The Plain, the Half Moon is a traditional Oxfordian pub that prides itself on its Irish roots.

Photos by Half Moon - Oxford


The Half Moon has long been an established pub in central Oxford that lost its way in recent times. Now under new management, the team hope to restore this hidden gem back to its former glory thats been known for its quirky layout, warm atmosphere and its embrace for the arts, namely our World Famous Folk Night every Sunday from 9pm..

The doors at the Half Moon are now open for business once again and we wish to welcome you back in for a drink. After all, we would be nothing without your support for this historic local. Check us out via our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to follow our updates for our latest offers and events by looking out for our hashtag #HalfMoonOxford

We look forward to serving you soon!

The Half Moon Team





17, 18 St Clements
The Plain
Oxford, OX15HN



M-F 16pm - 02am
Sa-Su 14pm–02am

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Use us as your venue

Folk Night - Sunday 9pm

Once a week the Half Moon throwbacks to its Irish roots. We would like to welcome you all to our World Famous Folk Nights every Sunday where we bring Dublin Temple Bar to Oxford. Bring your own instruments and join in the fun or sit back and relax whilst sipping on a cool pint.


Use us as your venue.

The Half Moon has the capacity to play host to live music. Our modest size provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can showcase your talents. If you are a local band or artist of any kind and wish to get yourself heard, please get in touch via our contacts page or visit us in person to find out how you can use us as your platform.

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The below performance seen on our Instagram, youtube and Twitter account. #HalfMoonOxford

The below performance seen on our Instagram, Youtube and Twitter accounts. #HalfMoonOxford

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We welcome you to get in touch. We recommend trying us via any of our social media streams - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through our new TripAdvisor account.

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Postal Address

17, 18 St Clements
Oxford, Oxon, OX4 1AB